Key Takeaways

This course is right for you if you are in sales, marketing, a business owner or entrepreneur and you want to:

  • Use existing data to better understand your customers and prospects

  • Create a detailed customer profile that all your teams can agree on

  • Connect with customers so you can effectively engage, convert and create loyalty

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Course Preview

  • 1

    Know Your Customer Course: Start Here

  • 2

    Workbook and Customer Canvas

    • Know Your Customer Workbook
    • Know Your Customer Canvas
  • 3

    Section 1 - Covering the Basics

    • Why truly understanding your customer is so important.
    • ACTIVITY 1: How do you describe your customer?
    • ACTIVITY 2: Making your customer the hero of your story
    • #1 Rule in Marketing Today
    • PRO TIP 1: How to make your customer the HERO of your story.
    • PRO TIP 2: How making assumptions about your customers can cause negative outcomes for your business.
  • 4

    Section 2 - Working with Customer Data

    • Getting Started with Data
    • 4 Key Types of Customer Data
    • ACTIVITY 3: Working with the data you already have
    • 3 Key Benefits of Organizing your Customer Data
    • PRO TIP 1: Where to get started organizing existing customer data
    • PRO TIP 2: Who should be in charge of managing our customer data?
    • PRO TIP 3: How do other companies deal with data? - The surprising truth.
    • PRO TIP 4: I am a team of ONE and not so much a data person. Where do I start?
  • 5

    Section 3: Interviewing Customers

    • Interviewing Customers
    • ACTIVITY 4: Building a Customer Interview Strategy
    • PRO TIP 1: How do I get real answers from customers when I am interviewing them?
    • PRO TIP 2: Quick tips for developing effective customer interview techniques.
  • 6

    That's a Wrap!

    • Let's Review
  • 7

    More PRO TIPS

    • PRO TIP 1: What attributes should I look for in people when I am building a Customer First team?
    • PRO TIP 2: What should be my ONE critical take away from this course?
    • In Closing - Words of Encouragement.

Here's what our happy customers are saying about this course:

“I loved the questions and structure to conduct an exploratory interview. All too often, we get a little too comfortable or too busy with the day-to-day. Talking to customers is probably the most critical thing you can do as a marketer to improve your market message!”

Heidi Ramich, Marketing Strategy Consultant

“The course is both a valuable deep dive and simple experience at the same time. I was able to implement changes on my website immediately after completing the course that made it more attractive to my potential clients. Thank you, Revenue Academy! ”

Leisa Reid, Speaker, Trainer, Speaker Coach

“The course enlightened us to focus our website on making the customer the hero vs. making ourselves the hero. I also think there’s more opportunity for us to speak to different segments of our buyer personas in a more personalized way. ”

Alyssa Carter, Director of Marketing

“Revenue Academy is great for business owners who do not have a marketing team to support them, nor the time to figure out all that they need to know to connect with the right prospects and present ourselves in a way that makes sense to them. It’s simple, and yet important information, in a format that is flexible. ”

Pamela Mack, President/Owner
Allison Dyer

Allison Dyer

Lead Instructor

I’ve spent my entire career helping businesses find solutions to move the needle on revenue. I’ve worked in traditional tried-and-true marketing roles, led a number of digital agencies, and spent four years at Marketo creating marketing technology solutions for Enterprise clients. It's my pleasure to help you become a Revenue Rock Star!

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